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professional drummer ❘ media producer ❘ brand ambassador

Welcome to my website! Please take a look around, you can find info & references on all parts of my daily work as a professional drummer, music composer/producer, video editor and brand ambassador here. You can also check out my recording studio´s website Spytunes or read the BLOG to keep up with current events. Please feel free to get in touch HERE


STUDIO sessions ❘ live & playback ❘ tour, TV & Theatre ❘ product presentations

I have studied at the music colleges Mainz & Hamburg and been working as a professional drummer for about 20 years now, having played hundreds of gigs with various artists & bands in different musical genres (tour, festivals, studio, TV, theatre).


Meanwhile I am focussing mostly towards studio & media production work, but am also available for live & playback bookings, tour productions, studio recording sessions and product presentations.

You can find references and my official sedcard HERE


At my studio SPYTUNES, I can offer professional drum recording for your music. Depending on time & budget, it might either be a full acoustic drum recording, or an electronic drum setup, that triggers sample libraries through midi. (Toontrack SD3, XLN AD2, SSD5 etc)


recording ❘ mixing ❘ composing ❘ music production ❘ video editing

Besides working as a professional drummer, I offer full service for any audio / music / video production. You can find more info & references on the SPYTUNES RECORDING STUDIO WEBSITE


I have also been working as a brand ambassador / youtube influencer for drum-tec electronic drums and other companies in the past years, which means I create/produce professional product & sound demo video content for social media channels & campaigns. 

You can find some references over HERE or on the Youtube Channels digitaldrumming or drumtecTV


Please don´t hesitate to get in touch, I am looking forward to getting to know your music / band / movie / product!



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