ralf schumacher

professional drummer ❘ media producer ❘ brand ambassador

Welcome to my website! Please take a look around, you'll find info & references on my work as a professional drummer, music composer, producer, video editor and brand ambassador. Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in studio bookings or discussing a music production for your film or product presentation.


STUDIO sessions ❘ tour ❘ TV ❘ Theatre ❘ product presentations

I have studied at the music colleges Mainz & Hamburg and have been working as a professional drummer for 20 years, looking back on hundreds of gigs with various artists & bands in different musical genres (tour, festivals, studio, TV, theatre).


Meanwhile I am focussing mostly towards studio & media production work, but am also available for live & playback bookings, tour productions or product presentations. You can find references and my official sedcard HERE


I also offer high end drum recording for your music at my own studio. Depending on time & budget, it might either be a full acoustic drum recording, or an electronic drum setup, that triggers sample libraries through midi. (Toontrack/XLN/Slate etc).     ⇒ DEMOS


recording ❘ mixing ❘ composing ❘ music production ❘ video editing

Besides working as a professional drummer, I also offer full service for any audio / music / video production at my studio. You can listen to some RECORDS that I have recorded/mixed/produced, and find more MUSIC that I have created for film, commercials or audio books.


I have also been working as a content creator and brand ambassador for drum-tec electronic drums and several other companies in the past, creating professional demo video content for various products and social media campaigns. You'll find more video content on my Youtube Channel digitaldrumming or drumtecTV


Please don't hesitate to get in touch, I am looking forward to getting to know your music / band / movie / product!


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