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This is my recording studio located in Mainz, GER. Below, you will find general info on the facility & rooms, as well as available equipment. Please get in touch for any further questions or booking HERE. Thanks to Dominik Gruszczyk for the sensational studio photography!

Editing Room



Professionally treated room acoustics

Apple Mac i7 6core 32GB RAM & Samsung SSD drives

Lynx Aurora converters

Oram/Trident 8T 16MB analogue console (16ch)

A-Designs Pacifica (2ch)

Warm Audio WA-412 (4ch)

Universal Audio 4-710d (4ch)

Audient ASP-880 (8ch)

KS Digital C-88 Reference monitoring

drum-tec pro series electronic drums

Roland TD-30 electronic drum sound module & e-cymbals


Recording room 1



 Professionally treated live room acoustics for drums / bands

Sakae Almighty / Trilogy drums

Various snare drums by Ludwig, Gretsch, DW & others

Masterwork & various cymbals

Audio-Technica microphones

Neumann, Microtech Gefell, Shure, AKG, Beyer microphones

Universal Audio Apollo 8P

Various guitar amplifiers / boxes by Fender, Marshall

Various percussion instruments

& more

recording room 2


Professionally treated dry room acoustics for voice, amps etc

Voice over table with audio & monitor connection

Various vintage keys & analogue synthesizers:

Crumar Performer

Wersi AP-6 bass synth

Philips Philicorda Organ

Hohner Pianet M

Korg 900PS

Korg 707

Hohner Bass 3 prototype

Casio Casiotone 301 & 401



NEW SINCE 2020 - my creativity boosting home studio


Professionally treated room acoustics by GIK Acoustics

 Soundcraft 6000 24/16 analog studio console

Warm Audio WA-12 (2ch)

Presonus Quatum 4848 converters

Adam P-11A Monitoring

Roland, Wersi, Korg, Siel, Crumar, Jen, Casio vintage analog synths

Crumar Organizer T1

Hohner Pianet M

Zaor studio furniture

drum-tec diabolo series electronic drums