professional recording ❘ mixing ❘ mastering ❘ video shooting & EDITING


This is my recording studio located in Mainz, GER. You'll find general info on the facility & rooms, as well as available equipment below. Please get in touch for any further questions or bookings HERE.

MIX / Editing Room



Professionally treated room acoustics

Apple Mac i7 6core 32GB RAM & Samsung SSD drives

Presonus Quantum 4848 converters

D&R Orion analogue recording console (28ch inline)

A-Designs Pacifica preamp (2ch)

Great River MP-2NV preamp (2ch)

Universal Audio 4-710d preamp (4ch)

KS Digital ADM-22 main monitors

EMES Black tv secondary monitors

ELAC vintage 70s fun monitors

Lounge area


Recording room 1



 Professionally treated live room acoustics for drums / bands

Sakae Almighty / Trilogy / DW birch drums / Sonor Vintage Series

Various snare drums by Sonor, Ludwig, Gretsch, DW & others

Agean cymbals

Audio-Technica microphones

Neumann, Microtech Gefell, Shure, AKG, Beyer microphones

Guitar cabinets by Fender / Marshall

Fender Rhodes 73 MKII

Philips Philicorda Organ

& more

recording room 2





Professionally treated dry room acoustics for voice, amps & more


Voice over table with audio & monitor connection





my creativity boosting home studio


Room acoustics by GIK Acoustics

 Soundcraft 6000 24/16 analog recording console

API 3124V, A-Designs Pacifica, Warm Audio WA-412 & WA-12 pres

Sonor drums, Agean cymbals

Lynx Aurora 16 converters

Audio-Technica AT5045, 4080, 4050, 4051B, 4047, 4040 pairs & more

Neumann KH300 & Auratones monitoring

Roland, Wersi, Korg, Siel, Crumar, Jen, Casio vintage analog synths

Crumar Organizer T1, Hohner Pianet M

drum-tec diabolo series ltd. edition electronic drums


Sonor DrumTube

My dear drum partners, for whom I produce video content.


My own Youtube channel, all about drums, music & recording.


Agean Cymbals

My dear turkish partners, for whom I produce video content.