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I am available for live shows, tour & theatre productions, TV shows, recording studio sessions or product presentations as a drummer. Below you can find a selection of performance videos:

live drumming w. music ❘ performance video

drum-tec electronic drums

Silent Studio Sessions feat. Gundy Keller

SONOR vintage series drums

Artist Performance CHASING BRAD PITT!

SONOR vintage series drums

FLC King Of NY / drum cover


live at Spytunes Studio


live at Spytunes Studio


live at Spytunes Studio

Sakae Almighty Drums

& Masterwork Cymbals

drum-tec electronic drums

various music styles

Sakae Road Anew Drums

& Masterwork Cymbals

tv shows various artists

Caro Emerald, Night Like This

Eagle Eye Cherry, Save Tonite

Marquess, Livin La Vida Loca

Marquess, No Me Llevas

Stefan Zauner, Das Was Man Am Meisten Will

Eagle Eye Cherry, Streets Of You

Caro Emerald, Tangoed Up

Margaret, Thank You Very Much

Roman Lob, Standing Still

Isabel Varell, Ich Habe Zeit

Marc Terenzi, Born To Love You

The Baseballs, Hot & Cold

band ❘ music video

NUKULAR Schere Im Kopf (LTM/Roughtrade)

NUKULAR Notausgang (LTM/Roughtrade)

SOLO drumming ❘ product video

Sonor Vintage Series Drums

drum-tec electronic drums

TD-17 AllStar Sound Edition

drum-tec electronic drums & SSD5

Agean Natural Series cymbals

GIK Acoustics acoustic panels

drum-tec electronic drums

Pearl Mimic Pro Live  Sound Edition


drum-tec electronic drums Youtube Channel

for which I produce all demos


my Youtube channel

drums & pro audio videos