09. August 2020
I am very happy to announce that I will be performing two songs with Marquess on ZDF Fernsehgarten (live TV). Nice music, nice people & lots of sun, you can find video footage over HERE

17. Juli 2020
Spytunes Studio B has reveived some final room revisions, and is now officially declared finished!

01. Juli 2020
My new drum recording setup at Spytunes Studio B is completed! Thank you very much to Agean Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Audio-Technica microphones and GIK Acoustics for their great support!

03. Juni 2020
This week I am shooting with a nice hybrid e/a kit, featuring the drum-tec Jam NG series electronic drums, an ATV xD3 sound module & the beautiful new Agean Flat R low noise cymbals. Video material soon to be found here: drumtecTV

04. Mai 2020
Behold the beautiful new drum-tec Jam NG series electronic drums! I will be shooting several demo videos with the kit in various setups, including Roland TD-17, TD-27, ATV aD5 and xD3 sound modules during the next weeks. And last but not least: watch out for the new drum-tec AllStar sound edition for the Roland TD-17 module, that I´ve created exclusively for drum-tec :) YOUTUBE DEMO

23. März 2020
Well, it´s special times right now, locking down the world and every day life as we know it... The good side: lock down gives me some time to finally cut & edit the great drum-tec Silent Studio Sessions episodes 1-5 featuring exceptional guest musician Gundy Keller, that we had shot at my studio in late 2019. You can find the first 3 episodes here: EPSIODE 1 EPISODE 2 EPISODE 3

03. Februar 2020
Finally it´s done! After months of creating a new studio space at the place where I live, Spytunes Studio B is now ready for service, including acoustic drum recording (check out the beautiful Soundcraft 6000 analogue console...), video shooting, mixing, editing etc... A real nice place for creative work, packed with professional room acoustics by GIK Acoustics, Studio Furniture by ZAOR and lots of analogue gear/synths to have fun with.

01. Februar 2020
I am very happy to start rehearsals with the Randstad company band at Spytunes studio once again! Like in 2018 and several times before, I will be supporting the band as drummer & musical co-director during the rehearsal time until this year's big celebration event on Sep 26th 2020 at Halle 45, Mainz

16. Januar 2020
It´s Winter NAMM in LA, and Roland is launching a bunch of promising new electronic drum kit products, being the new TD-27 sound module with a new KV kit, the new VAD series & new e-cymbal models. Needless to say, the drum-tec West video stage is running hot from demo video production...

04. Dezember 2019
I am very happy to welcome Gundy Keller to our drum-tec silent studio session artist shooting at Spytunes Studio! Great musician, and a great guy. We´ll be shooting video with some nice drum-tec pro series electronic drums, performing a bunch of Gundy´s songs, and jamming around a little. Stay tuned for the finished material in 2020, and we will hopefully establish the drum-tec silent sessions as a regular happening at Spytunes Studio soon!

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