03. März 2022
I had written & produced a bunch of Ocean's 11 style cinematic funk tracks some years ago, and never had the chance to finally mold them together into a dedicated music project since then. So the Black Spy Society was born, and I created this little drum performance video of "Chasing Brad Pitt" as a first step "into the spotlight". There will be more footage coming up in the future! Thanks to the great musicians Manuel Hilleke, Christian Schatka & Alex Heilmann, who have performed on...

Sonor AQX Jungle Set demo
24. Februar 2022
I have just created a sound demo video for the beautiful little Sonor AQX Jungle drumkit, which will be featured on Sonors Facebook site. What a great kit for the price, it goes together perfectly with those Agean Treasure Jazz & Special Jazz cymbals!

New monitoring at Spytunes Studio B
21. Februar 2022
After executing some extensive listening & comparison sessions, I have decided to change the monitoring at Spytunes Studio B from the Adam S2Vs to the great Neumann KH310. Although the Adams have served me really well, the Neumanns got my final vote because of the bigger 8" woofer and the 3-way design. My KS Digital C-88 Reference will stay at Studio A, so there's two great monitoring situations to chose from now :)

Agean Cymbals product shooting
10. Januar 2022
I have the great pleasure to start recording/shooting a series of product demos & drum performance videos at Spytunes Studio B for my dear friends at AGEAN CYMBALS A great selection of their finest handmade cymbals has recently arrived here & I am looking forward to be using various series / models in many different setups :-D All videos will be featuring my SONOR Vintage Series, as well as a new AQX Jungle set drumkit, and AUDIO-TECHNICA microphones exclusively.

Audio-Technica shooting
13. Dezember 2021
I am currently shooting two demo videos for my friends at Audio-Technica microphones, demonstrating the sound differences of various AT overhead & snare microphones on my Sonor Vintage series kit. So many great options to choose from, thank you Audio-Technica for the great variety!

11. November 2021
I am happy to announce my partnership with Rohema sticks made in Germany! Rohema gave me the possibility to create my own custom / signature stick model, which I will be using exclusively from now on. Find more info on the ROHEMA website

14. Oktober 2021
I have just released drum-covers of FLCs The King Of New York and Kraftwerk's We Are The Robots (starting off a new series of Robot Drum Covers with the second). LA-DI-DA-DI...

API 3124V vs WA-412 mic pre shootout video feature
22. April 2021
My 4-channel microphone preamp drum recording shootout is featured on Warm Audio's social media channels

EFNOTE 5 electronic drums video demos
15. April 2021
I have just finished video production for the beautiful new EFNOTE 5 & 3 electronic drumkits for drum-tec

Agean Cymbals endorsement & video shooting
08. April 2021
From may 2021 I will be producing all video content for Agean Cymbals exclusively & manage the official Agean Cymbals Youtube Channel.

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