26. November 2018
We are producing sound demo videos for a variety of acoustic low volume cymbals @ drum-tec West / Spytunes

06. November 2018
We are shooting product videos for the new drum-tec diabolo Hand Hammered series electronic drums!

29. Oktober 2018
The drum-tec product video stage located at Spytunes / drum-tec West has received a nice brickwall facelift :)

19. Oktober 2018
We have just finished production of the new cinema spot for the city of Mainz!

08. Oktober 2018
A new charming addition to the Spytunes vintage analogue keys collection

14. September 2018
Not much to say, beautiful summer holiday time with my family :)

13. September 2018
We have produced some nice product videos for Rolands new internationally released TD-1DMK electronic drum kit.

17. August 2018
I had the pleasure to play a nice little Jazz matinee with the "Sixtinische Kapelle"

04. Juli 2018
Shooting new product videos at the Spytunes Studio for the beautiful new drum-tec pro custom series electronic drums!

11. Juni 2018
The 50 years of Randstad Germany celebration event took place in Hamburg this year.

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