API 3124V vs WA-412 mic pre shootout video feature
22. April 2021
My 4-channel microphone preamp drum recording shootout is featured on Warm Audio's social media channels

EFNOTE 5 electronic drums video demos
15. April 2021
I have just finished video production for the beautiful new EFNOTE 5 & 3 electronic drumkits for drum-tec

Agean Cymbals endorsement & video shooting
08. April 2021
From may 2021 I will be producing all video content for Agean Cymbals exclusively & manage the official Agean Cymbals Youtube Channel.

new drum-tec diabolo limited series @ Spytunes Studio B
01. April 2021
My beautiful new drum-tec diabolo ltd. series electronic drumkit at Spytunes Studio B

GEWA G9 electronic drums demo video production
22. März 2021
I have just finished demo video production on the GEWA G9 electronic drum kit

Music production for "Escape Park" (ARS Edition)
01. März 2021
I had the pleasure to create some thrlling background soundtrack music for ARS Edition's Escape Park

New drum microphones from Audio-Technica
22. Februar 2021
I've received several great new microphone models from my endorsement partner Audio-Technica

2 new recruiting spots for the city of Mainz
04. Januar 2021
We have just finished production of 2 new recruiting image spots for the city of Mainz.

Wingbeat live EP video release
29. Oktober 2020
EP Release Wingbeat & live performance @ Spytunes Recording Studio

09. August 2020
I am very happy to announce that I will be performing two songs with Marquess on ZDF Fernsehgarten (live TV). Nice music, nice people & lots of sun, you can find video footage over HERE

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