03. Februar 2020
Finally it´s done! After months of creating a new studio space at the place where I live, Spytunes Studio B is now ready for service, including acoustic drum recording (check out the beautiful Soundcraft 6000 analogue console...), video shooting, mixing, editing etc... A real nice place for creative work, packed with professional room acoustics by GIK Acoustics, Studio Furniture by ZAOR and lots of analogue gear/synths to have fun with.

01. Februar 2020
I am very happy to start rehearsals with the Randstad company band at Spytunes studio once again! Like in 2018 and several times before, I will be supporting the band as drummer & musical co-director during the rehearsal time until this year's big celebration event on Sep 26th 2020 at Halle 45, Mainz

16. Januar 2020
It´s Winter NAMM in LA, and Roland is launching a bunch of promising new electronic drum kit products, being the new TD-27 sound module with a new KV kit, the new VAD series & new e-cymbal models. Needless to say, the drum-tec West video stage is running hot from demo video production...

04. Dezember 2019
I am very happy to welcome Gundy Keller to our drum-tec silent studio session artist shooting at Spytunes Studio! Great musician, and a great guy. We´ll be shooting video with some nice drum-tec pro series electronic drums, performing a bunch of Gundy´s songs, and jamming around a little. Stay tuned for the finished material in 2020, and we will hopefully establish the drum-tec silent sessions as a regular happening at Spytunes Studio soon!

01. November 2019
I am starting rehearsals with Songwriter Tim Fischer´s Band "Tims Department" at Spytunes Studio. Stay tuned for more info, we will be playing some live shows in 2020. First date: 04.04. KUZ Mainz TimsDepartment

13. August 2019
Currently recording drums & percussions, as well as producing & mixing a new EP for artist Jan Steinmüller, who had been customer at the studio several times in the past already. Nice stuff! And I guess, it won´t be his last stay at Spytunes :)

25. Juli 2019
Once again, I am recording drums for composer/songwriter/artist Markus Reyhani, which is big fun as always! I have recorded the drums for several of Markus´ productions over over the past years, initially we had worked in two musical productions at the Staatstheater Mainz together some time ago. Great guy, great music! Check out Markus´music here

11. Juli 2019
Check out this beauty! I am finally a proud owner of a beautiful Fender Rhodes 73 MK2, which will be part of Spytunes Studio from now own. Thanky a ton to my drum-tec buddy Mic, who made the transaction possible!

24. Juni 2019
News from ATV! drum-tec supports ATV´s launch promotion of the new EXS series electronic drums with a bunch of demo videos, that I am currently producing at the drum-tec West video stage. Some promising sounds & music on this little sound module, stay tuned and check out drumtecTV

08. Mai 2019
The cinema spot "Du fehlst uns" we (Spytunes/FrameBBQ) had produced for the city of Mainz was officially released at the Cinestar theater. The spot is now being broadcasted for several months, and is also available online on the official city of Mainz website

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